Extremely Rare Augustus Cove's London Halfpenny-Sized Medalet


Extremely rare Augustus Cove's London (Middlesex) halfpenny-sized medalet undated. Obverse: Legend: "BEWARE OF THE GRAND JUNCTION CANAL COMPY. * SOME OF WHOSE FRAUD, OPPRESSION, PERJURY, FORGERY, & ROBBERY &cA. ARE SET FORTH IN". Reverse: Legend: "AUGUSTUS COVE'S PUBLICATIONS * ENTITLED THE TOCSIN SOUNDED OR THE BULL TAKEN BT THE HORNS &c TO BE HAD OF THE BOOKSELLERS". Plain edge. Augustus Cove, a dealer in china and glass, was clearly outraged by the actions of the Grand Junction Canal Company to have been pushed to issue this medalet and the book on the subject which it was advertising. Listed in Paul & Bente Withers' “British Copper Tokens 1811-1820” as “RRR - EXTREMELY RARE”. Good collectable condition for type with usual weak strike and a few light scratches, see photograph.

Withers page 239. Diameter 27.5mm. (↑↑) VF. £125.00

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