Duke of Wellington Peninsular War Cossack Penny


Duke of Wellington’s (Non Local) Anglo-Canadian copper penny token undated. Obverse: Bust of the Duke of Wellington in braided uniform to the left surrounded by famous battle locations of the Peninsular War: “VIMIERA TALAVERA BUSACO BADAJOZ SALAMANCA +”. Reverse: View of a mounted Cossack lancer at the gallop with legend: “COSSACK PENNY TOKEN”. Centre-grained edge (|||||). Thought to have been issued by J K Picard who had a lead-works in Hull. Lovely collectable condition, see photograph.

Withers No: 1505, Davis Yorkshire No: 92. Charlton No: WE-13. Diameter 34.0mm. (↑↑) EF-. £75.00

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