Baylis' Staffordshire Penny 1811

H. Baylis' Birmingham (Warwickshire) copper penny token dated 1811. Obverse: Laureate bust of George III with date below and legend: “STAFFORDSHIRE ONE PENNY TOKEN 1811”. Reverse: Legend on seven lines within oak wreath: “PAYABLE BY H. BAYLIS. BIRMINGHAM. W-HAMPTON. & BILSTON”. Centre-grained edge (\\\\\). Although the token was for use in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Bilston, no evidence of H. Baylis appears in the contemporary directories for these areas. Good collectable condition, see photograph.

Withers No: 1082, Davis Staffordshire No: 26. Diameter 34.1mm. (↑↑) VF-. £25.00

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