Butterley's Lord Horatio Nelson Sheffield Halfpenny 1811


Lord Horatio Nelson Sheffield (Yorkshire) halfpenny token dated 1811. Obverse: Legend on seven lines with cockerel ornament: “HALFPENNY TOKEN PAYABLE AT No. 18 NORFOLK ROW SHEFFIELD 1811”. Reverse: Bust of Lord Nelson to left: “ENGLAND EXPECTS EVERY MAN TO DO HIS DUTY.”. Centre-grained (/////) edge. The issuer of this token is thought to have been Butterley & Co., a cast iron and bar iron manufacturer with a business in Norfolk Row. Good collectable condition with usual die flaw at top of reverse, see photograph.

Withers No: 1065, Davis Yorkshire No: 148. Diameter 29.1mm. (↑↓) VF. £40.00

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