Phœnix Iron Works Sheffield Penny 1813

Phœnix Iron Works Sheffield (Yorkshire) copper penny token dated 1813. Obverse: Detailed view of a large manufactory with two cannons and cannon balls in foreground with legend: “PHŒNIX IRON WORKS SHEFFIELD”. Reverse: Justice standing between bale and barrel holding sword and scales with legend: “ONE PENNY TOKEN 1813”. Centre-grained edge (/////). The issuers were Longden and Gregory whose iron works was situated at Furnace Hill, Sheffield. “S. J. & Co.” representing Shaw Jobson and Company can be seen on the barrel indicating they also had an interest in the enterprise. Good collectable condition with light edge bruising, see photograph.

Withers No: 1040, Davis Yorkshire No: 139, . Diameter 34.2mm. (↑↓) VF. £20.00

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