Wallis & Badger Dudley & Birmingham Penny 1811

Wallis & Badger's Birmingham & Dudley (Worcestershire) copper penny token dated 1811. Obverse: Legend on five lines in centre and around periphery: “RICHARD WALLIS BIRMINGHAM T & I. BADGER DUDLEY **** A POUND NOTE FOR 240 TOKENS”. Reverse: Justice standing between a bale and a cask on which is: “RESPON SIBILITY” with legend “DUDLEY & BIRMINGHAM TOKEN ONE PENNY 1811”. Centre grained (\\\\\) edge. Richard Wallis was a merchant with a business at 66 Great Charles Street, Birmingham. Thomas and Isaac Badger had many businesses. As well as nail manufacturers, they had blast furnaces and glass works, all in Dudley. Good collectable condition, uneven colour with some subdued lustre remaining, see photograph.

Withers No: 728, Davis Worcestershire No: 3. Diameter 34.1mm. (↑↑) EF-. £50.00

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