Scarce British Copper Company Walthamstow Rolling Mills Halfpenny 1811

Scarce British Copper Company Walthamstow (Essex) copper halfpenny token dated 1811. Obverse: Laureate draped bust to right with legend : “VINCIT AMOR PATRIÆ 1811”. Reverse: Britannia seated left holding laurel branch and trident, all within oak branches. Centre-grained edge (\\\\\). Issued by The British Copper Company which had smelting works at Landore, Wales, and rolling mills at Walthamstow, Middlesex. The buildings of the Walthamstow Rolling Mills are still standing and I’m indebted to Michael Wood for the recent photographs below. Listed in Paul & Bente Withers' "British Copper Tokens 1811-1820" as "SCARCE". Good collectable condition with obverse weakly struck from a rusty die, see photograph.

Withers No: 594, Davis No. 17. Diameter 28.9mm. (↑↓) VF+. £15.00

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