MacAulay & Babington's Sierra Leone Anti-Slavery Penny 1807


MacAulay & Babington copper penny token commemorating the British Abolition of Slavery in 1807 (struck in 1814). Obverse: View a British man and local native shaking hands while other natives dance round a tree in the background: “WE ARE ALL BRETHEREN”, “SLAVE TRADE ABOLISHED BY GREAT BRITAIN 1807”. Reverse: Arabic script which translates as: “THE SALE OF SLAVES PROHIBITED IN ENGLAND IN 1807 OF THE CHRISTIAN ERA IN THE REIGN OF SULTAN GEORGE THE THIRD”, “VERILY WE ARE ALL BROTHERS”. The people of Sierra Leone had good reason to rejoice at this news as the original British colonists were freed slaves and “lewd” women sent from London in 1776. God collectable condition for type with a small stain on obverse, see photograph.

K&M Sierra Leone No: T. 1. Diameter 36.0mm. VF. £195.00

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