Charles I Twenty Pence Falconer's Anonymous Issue

Charles I (1625-1649) silver twenty pence, Third Coinage, Falconer's Anonymous Issue without "F" in legends or above crown. Obverse: Crowned bust to left with "XX" indicating denomination behind the head and lozenge mint mark above head with legend: " CAR DG SCOT ANG FR & HIB R " (Charles by the grace of God King of Scotland England France and Ireland). Reverse: Crown over thistle. Legend: "IVST THRONVM FIRMAT " (Justice strengthens the throne). Murray Plate IV No: 43(var), Obverse1, type c, Reverse (b) although different die from the previous example therefore one of them can be classed as unlisted. Reasonable collectable condition for type, see photograph.

Spink No: 5591, Murray Plate IV No: 43(var), 1c/b. Diameter 15.7mm. F. £40.00

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