James VI Half Merk 1575


James VI (1567-1625) silver Half Merk or Noble (six shillings and eight pence / eighty pence) dated 1575. Second silver coinage (1572-80). Obverse: Crowned shield between 6 and 8 (six shillings and eight pence) with legend: "IACOBVS 6 DEI GRATIA REX SCOTORVM ", (James VI by the grace of God King of Scots). Reverse: Ornate cross with crowns and thistles in opposite angles and legend: "SALVVM FAC POPVLVM TVVM DNE 1575", (Lord save Thy people). Large round coin in reasonable collectable condition for type, see photograph.

Spink No: 5478. Diameter 30.8mm. F-. £110.00

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