Mary Queen of Scots Stirling Bawbee


Scottish Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1567), bawbee (six pence), Stirling mint. Obverse: Cross mint mark with crowned thistle dividing "MR", legend: "+MARIA D : G REGINA SCOTORV", (Mary by the grace of God Queen of Scots). Reverse: Crown mint mark with cross potent with a cross in each angle, legend: "OPPIDVM STIRLINGI", (Town of Stirling). The cross potent reverse was Mary of Guise's, the Queen Mother, family emblem. These were minted for a very short time, June to November 1544, when Mary of Giuse took the infant Mary, and the mint, to Stirling Castle for safety when the Earl of Hertford brought an army to Scotland in support of Henry VIII's "rough wooing" of the Scots. At this time an attempt was made to deprive the Earl of Arran of the regency. The mint was transferred to Edinburgh and taken back under the control of Arran when the coup failed making this the last regal Scottish coin to be minted outside Edinburgh. Ex-Norman Brodie Collection. Very rare and interesting historical coin in nice collectable condition with a tiny striking crack, see photograph.

Stevenson Class Is(v), Spink No: S.5434. Diameter 21.5mm. VF- £325.00

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