David II Third Coinage Edinburgh Groat

David II (1329-1371), silver groat (four pence), third (light) coinage (1367-1371), Edinburgh mint with plain "A" throughout.  Obverse: Crowned bust to left in tressure of six arcs, trefoils in spandrils, star on sceptre handle and legend: "+DA[VID] DEI GRA [R]EX ‡ SCOTORVM" with double cross stops. Reverse: Long cross with mullets of five points with cinquefoils in centres in each quarter and legends: "+ DN¯S PT[EC]TOR MS ++ LIB ATORMS", "VILLA EDINBVRGH" with lis and crescent stops. Reasonable collectable condition with light strike in one quarter, see photograph.

Spink No: S.5125. Diameter 27.6mm. F+. £225.00

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