Unique Alexander III 21 Point Penny Class "D2/E" Mule

Unique new variety Alexander III (1249-1286), silver penny, second coinage, class D2/E mule. Class D obverse with barred "A" and D2 hair punch muled with a Class E reverse which has three mullets of five points with one mullet of six points in the "VM+" quarter giving a total of twenty-one points. Twenty-one point pennies are extremely rare and are usually true class Mc2/M or class E2/M mule. This is the first specimen noted muled with a class D2 obverse. It is hoped to have a short paper on this coin published in the near future. The coin is therefore not presently for sale. Unique coin in good collectable condition with everything clear, see photograph.

Spink No: S.5057. Diameter 19mm. VF- Not presently for sale

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