Edward IV First Reign Light Coinage York Groat

Edward IV first reign (1461-1470) silver hammered groat, Light Coinage (1464-1470), mint mark lis (1461-1464), York mint. Obverse: Facing crowned bust with trefoils either side of neck, "E" on bust, within tressure of nine arcs, trefoils on cusps, single trefoil stops and legend: "EDWARD DI ˔ GRA ˔ REX ˔ ANGL Z FRANC". Reverse: Long cross with three pellets in each quarter and legend: "POSVI | DEVMA | DIVTOR | EM MEVM" and "CIVI | TAS | EBO | RACI". Ex-Warkworth School Hoard, comes with British Museum envelope and identification. Good collectable condition, see photograph.

Spink No: S.2014, North Class XI. Diameter 26.0mm. F+. £225.00

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