Edward III Bear's Head Berwick Halfpenny Blunt Class 8b - Withers Type 6d


Edward III (1327-1377) First Coinage (1327-1335), silver halfpenny from the Berwick mint, Blunt Class 8b, Withers Type 6d (same obverse die as illustrated coin). Obverse: Facing bust with bifoliate crown, hair in separate strands and legend: "+EDWARDVS D' GRA' A".  Reverse: Long cross with three pellets and bear's heads in alternate quarters and legend: "VIL/LAB/ERV/HCI" (not listed in Withers). Good collectable condition for type with some flat areas and perforation at 3 o'clock on obverse, see photograph.

Blunt Class 8b, Withers Type 6d. Spink No: S.1537. Diameter 14.78mm. F-. £75.00

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