Edward I/II Berwick Penny Blunt Class 4b - Withers Type 5b

Edward I/II silver hammered penny, Berwick mint, Blunt Class 4b, Withers Type 5b, dated between 1302 and 1312. Obverse: Facing bust with pellet on breast, bifoliate crown, pellet eyes, hair style 3 and legend: "+EDWA R ANGL DnS hyB" with lombardic "E". Reverse: Long cross with three pellets in each angle and legend "VILL/ABE/REV/VICI" with Roman "E". These were issued after Edward I had taken Berwick from the Scots in the massacre of 1296. The area remained so unstable that local moneyers produced dies for the coinage rather than continuing with the standard issue of the series.   Reasonable collectable condition with some flatness in legends, see photograph.

Blunt Class 4c, Withers Class 6, Spink No: S.1415. Diameter 17.74mm. VG. £15.00

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