Treaty of Ryswick Prince James Silver Jacobite Medallion 1699


Prince James (VIII & III) Treaty of Ryswick silver Jacobite medallion by Roettier dated 1699. Obverse: Bust to the left of the young Prince James, with legend: "IAC • WALLÆ : PRINCEPS •" (James Prince of Wales) below representing the initials of Norbert Roettier.  Reverse: A representation of the rising sun dispersing clouds and demons over a calm sea with legend: "SOLA • LVCE • FVGAT 1699" (He disperses them by his light alone). This was produced to support the legitimacy of the Jacobite Succession in the hope of influencing the decision of the Treaty of Ryswick. Good collectable condition, see photograph.

Eimer No: 381, Woolf No: No. 15.1. Diameter 26.5mm. F+. £245.00

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