London Missionary Society Medallion Launch of John Williams Ship 1844



London Missionary Society Medallion commemorating the launching of their ship "The John Williams" in 1844. Obverse: View of the ship in full sail to the right with legend: “THE JOHN WILLIAMS MISSIONARY SHIP" and in the exergue: "LAUNCHED AT HARWICH MAR. 20. 1844; 296 TONS; LENGTH 103 FEET, BREADTH 24FEET 8 INCHES, DEPTH IN HOLD 16 FEET; HAS 10 STATE ROOMS”. Reverse: Legend on sixteen lines, the top and bottom curved: “THIS SHIP, THE PROPERTY OF THE LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY, IS INTENDED TO CONVEY ITS MISSIONARIES TO THE ISLANDS OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC, AND TO BE EMPLOYED IN VISITING THE DIFFERENT GROUPS OF ISLANDS IN THAT OCEAN, IN PROMOTING THE GOSPEL AMONG THEM; SHE HAS BEEN PURCHASED FROM A FUND OF UPWARDS OF £6,200 RAISED BY THE JUVENILE FRIENDS OF THE SOCIETY”. Plain edge. The ship was named after their missionary John Williams who, after several voyages to the Pacific islands, was killed and eaten by the natives of Erromanga in the New Hebrides on 20th November 1839, possibly in retaliation for the barbarities of previous English seamen. The ship sank in fifty fathoms of water after drifting on to a reef at Danger Island on 16th May 1864 with no loss of life. Ex-Bob Lyall Collection, comes with his ticket. Good collectable condition, see photograph.

Eimer No: 1384, BHM No: 2201. Diameter 41.2mm. VF. £125.00

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