Alnwick Duke of Northumberland Tenantry Column Medallion 1816

The Duke of Northumberland’s bronze medallion struck to commemorate the erection of the Lion Column by his tenant farmers grateful for the reduction of rent following the end of the Napoleonic Wars and consequent reduction if the price of grain which put them under severe hardship. Obverse: Bust to the right of Sir Hugh Percy, Second Duke of Northumberland (1742-1817) with legend: "IN HONOUR OF HUGH SECOND DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND". Reverse: View of the column topped by the Percy lion with rigid tail and a lion at each corner of the base below, with legend: "THIS COLUMN IS ERECTED BY HIS GRATEFUL TENANTS" and date in exergue: "MDCCCXVI". Nice collectable condition with a small scratch on reverse, see photograph.

Not in Eimer, BHM No: 916. Diameter 41.0mm. EF-. £95.00

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