Spence's Attack on the Bastille Brighton Halfpenny


Spence’s Brighton (Sussex) copper Conder halfpenny token with bronzed finish, undated. Obverse: An officer brandishing a sword. Behind him are lines of tents and three flags with legend above: "BRIGHTON". Reverse: An officer on horseback urging gunners to fire at a fortress, two cannon balls are in the air while others lie on the ground along with some cannon and legend above: "HALFPENNY". Plain edge. Spence described the reverse as an attack on the Bastille, however the troops are British and the fortress is unlike the Bastille. Dalton & Hamer attributed this to Spence but according to Bell, although the dies are Spence's, it is more likely to have been produced by Skidmore after he purchased them. Detailed token in lovely collectable condition with reflective surfaces and usual weak centres, see photograph.

D&H Sussex No: 6. Diameter 28.5mm. EF-. £100.00

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