Perth Monk's Tower Farthing 1798


Perth (Perthshire) copper farthing token dated 1798. Obverse: Monk’s Tower and three berthed sailing ships: "PERTH FARTHING 1798", "MONK’S TOWER". Reverse: Girl watering cloth: "IN OUR VICINITY ARE THE FINEST STREAMS & FIELDS FOR BLEACHING IN BRITAIN" and "T, MENZIES DES". Plain edge. Bell in his "Commercial Coins 1787-1804" describes this as "probably the finest farthing piece of the whole series". The Monk's tower was built as a protection against the Vikings and was also where Malcolm Canmore, as King of Scotland, paid homage to William the Conqueror in 1071. See later engraving below. Nice collectable condition, see photograph.

D&H Perthshire No: 11. Diameter 21.8mm. VF+. £55.00

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