Scarce Daniels & Boulter's Exhibition Yarmouth Halfpenny 1796

Joseph Daniels and John Boulter's Yarmouth (Norfolk) copper halfpenny token dated 1796. Obverse: History seated holding a scroll which reads: "BOULTER'S EXHIBITION OF NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL CURIOSITIES", historic artefacts at her feet and "YARMOUTH" in exergue. Reverse: Britannia seated receiving gifts from natives representing Asia, Africa and Americe, of a spear, crocodil.e and quiver of arrows with legend: UNDIQUAQUE COLLIGITUR 1796". Plain edge. Listed in Dalton & Hamer as "SCARCE". Dr Boulter's museum in Yarmouth contained many curiosities including items brought from the South Sea Islands by Captain Cook. Reasonable collectable condition, reverse slightly off-centre, see photograph.

D&H Norfolk No: 54a. Diameter 30.6mm. F-. £30.00

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