John Horne Tooke High Treason Jury Names London Halfpenny 1794


Political and Social Series London (Middlesex) copper halfpenny token dated 1794. Obverse: Three-quarter bust of Tooke to right with legend: “IOHN HORNE TOOKE ESQR.”. Reverse: Names of jury in two columns in box: “HAGGARD, HARRISON, HALE, DRAINE, WHITING, COVERDALE, MARIS, COOKE, PRATT, DUPONT, HARWOOD BULLOCK”, “ERSKINE, GIBBS” (council for the defence), “BRITISH JUSTICE DISPLAYED NOVR 22 1794”. This is the jury who acquitted John Tooke, Thomas Hardy and John Thelwell, of the charges of high treason, through lack of evidence. Plain edge. Lovely collectable condition, see photograph.

D&H Middlesex No: 1044b. Diameter 27.8mm. VF+. £30.00

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