Rare Skidmore's Globe Series Alnwick Castle Penny 1797

Rare Skidmore’s Globe Series Alnwick Castle London (Middlesex) copper Conder penny token dated 1797. Obverse: View of Alnwick Castle with legend: “ALNWICK CASTLE • NORTHUMB.D” with the die engraver's name: "JACOBS" below. Reverse: A globe, on which "BRITAIN" is indicated, supported by a three-legged stand with a rose and thistle each side, and legend: "BRITISH • PENNY." above and the date: "1797" in the exergue. Edge inscription: “I PROMISE TO PAY ON DEMAND THE BEARER ONE PENNY x”. Listed in “Dalton & Hamer” as “R - RARE”. These were produced by Denton, the London coin dealer, for sale to collectors. The die broke very early on in production leaving this piece more rare than the others. Ex-Brisley Collection. Good collectable condition with small stain on the obverse, see photograph.

D&H Middlesex No: 131. Diameter 35.3mm. VF. £250.00

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