John White's Sailing Ship & Castle Leith Halfpenny 1796

John White's Leith (Lothian) copper halfpenny token dated 1796. Leith is the port of Edinburgh. Obverse: Ship sailing by fort accompanied by two men in rowing boat, no flag on lookout post, cannons on battlements and legend: "SUCCESS TO THE PORT OF LEITH 1796". Reverse: Commerce seated holding scales with barrels of gin and tea on one side and a giant thistle on the other with legend: "PAYABLE AT THE HOUSE OF JOHN WHITE KIRKGATE LEITH". Plain edge. John White kept a liquor shop and grocery in Leith. Nice collectable condition but some spotting on obverse, see photograph.

D&H: Lothian No: 59. Diameter 29.0mm. VF. £25.00

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