Scarce Randolph's Tobacco Slave Glasgow Farthing 1799


Scarce George Randolph's Glasgow (Lanarkshire) copper farthing token dated 1799. Obverse: A roll of tobacco between, and surmounted by, three large snuff jars labelled "BLACK RAP", "SCOTS" and "BROWN RAP", with the legend: "FARTHING PAYABLE AT GEORGE RANDOLPH & CO.". Reverse: An African slave standing on the shore holding a tobacco leaf, with a sailing ship on the horizon and legend: "TOBACCONISTS KING STREET GLASGOW 1799". Diagonally milled edge. George Randolph & Co., were tobacconists and snuff dealers with premises in King Street, Glasgow. In those days coarse tobacco was rolled into thick ropes and coiled into drums. Listed in Bell's "Commercial Coins. 1787 -1804" as "SCARCE". Nice collectable condition for type, see photograph.

D&H Lanarkshire No: 39. Diameter 20.4mm. EF. £85.00

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