Scarce Hamilton's Snuff Shop Glasgow Farthing 1791


Scarce Hamilton's Glasgow (Lanarkshire) copper Conder farthing token dated 1791. Obverse: The arms of Glasgow (A tree with a bird perched on the top, a bell hanging from the boughs, and a fish with a loop through it’s snout at the base of the trunk) with legend: “GLASGOW FARTHING PAYABLE AT”. Reverse: St Andrew holding cross with legend: “ALEXR HAMILTONS SNUFF SHOP. 1791”. Plain edge. Listed in Dalton & Hamer as “SCARCE”. Alexander Hamilton was a tobacconist and dealer in snuff, with a business at 152 Stockwell Street, Glasgow. Reasonable collectable condition for type, see photograph.

D&H Lanarkshire No: 34. Diameter 25.4mm. F. £25.00

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