Gilbert Shearer's Glasgow City & River God Bronzed Halfpenny 1791


Gilbert Shearer's Glasgow (Lanarkshire) bronzed copper Conder halfpenny token dated 1791. Obverse: City coat of arms consisting of a tree in full leaf, with a bird on it, a bell hanging from it, and a salmon half way up it! Legend: "LET GLASGOW FLOURISH". Reverse: Recumbent river god leaning on overturned pitcher representing the source of the Clyde: "NUNQUAM ARESCERE" (never dry up) "MDCCXCI", initials below date. Edge inscription, "PAYABLE AT THE HOUSE OF GILBERT SHEARER & CO:". Bell, in his book "Commercial Coins 1787-1804", considers this as "one of the most beautiful tokens of the whole eighteenth century series". Lovely collectable condition with dark chocolate tone, see photograph.

D&H Lanarkshire No: 2. Diameter 29.1mm. EF+. £65.00

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