MacKintosh, Inglis & Wilson's Inverness Halfpenny 1793

MacKintosh, Inglis & Wilson's Inverness (Invernesshire) copper halfpenny token dated 1793, first design. Obverse: Rose and thistle united with legend: “INVERNESS HALFPENNY”. Reverse: cornucopia emerging from a stone with legend: “CONCORDIA ET FIDELITAS”, with “1793” on the stone. Edge inscription: PAYABLE. AT . MACKINTOSH INGLIS & WILSON’S.”. MacKintosh, Inglis and Wilson were sail-cloth, sacking and bagging manufacturers in Inverness. Their factory was known as the Citadel Works. Good collectable condition, see photograph.

D&H Invernesshire No. 1a. Diameter 29.0mm. VF. £35.00

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