Jordan's Glamorgan Halfpenny 1795


Jordan's Glamorgan (Glamorganshire) copper Conder halfpenny token dated 1795. Obverse: Bust of Jestyn ap Gwrgan to the left, robed and wearing a crown with a small shield suspended round his neck: "JESTYN . AP . GWRGAN . TYWYSOG . MORGANWG . 1091.", translated as "Iestyn, son of Gwrgant, Prince of Glamorgan, 1091". Reverse: Britannia seated on a globe, looking to the left while pointing to a ship and supporting a shield and a spear. Behind her is a crown on a pedestal with a laurel branch leaning against it: "Y . BRENHIN . AR . GYFRAITH . 1795", translated as "The King and the Law". Raised edge inscription: "GLAMORGAN HALFPENNY" followed by three leaves. This is thought to have been struck by J. S. Jordan for his father, John Jordan, a victualler of Weaman Street, Birmingham. Jestyn ap Gwrgan was the last Prince and Lord of Glamorgan of British blood. My thanks to Michael Sykes for help with the information and translation.  Ex-Roberts-Lewis Collection. Lovely collectable condition, see photograph.

D&H Glamorganshire No: 3a. Diameter 28.3mm. EF. £85.00

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