Roe's Beehive & Genius Macclesfield Halfpenny 1789


Charles Roe's Macclesfield (Cheshire) copper Conder halfpenny token dated 1789. Obverse: Ornamental cypher of “R & Co” (Roe & Company), surmounted by a beehive and bees: “MACCLESFIELD.”. Reverse: Seated female “Genius” holding in her right hand a drill, and a cogwheel of eight spokes in her left: “HALFPENNY. 1789”. Edge inscription: “PAYABLE AT MACCLESFIELD, LIVERPOOL OR CONGLETON * X *”. This was issued by Charles Roe who became a partner in several copper mines, and the famous Anglesey Mines in Wales were first worked under his direction. Roe & Co., owned extensive works for smelting and making copper on land to the east of Macclesfield. Good collectable condition with usual obverse die flaw in very early stage of development, small stain on reverse, see photograph.

D&H Cheshire No: 11. Diameter 29.2mm. VF-. £15.00

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