Alexander Swap's Dundee Town Walls Halfpenny Token 1797


Alexander Swap's Dundee (Angusshire) copper Conder halfpenny token dated 1797. Obverse: View of a church with legend: "DUNDEE HALFPENNY 1797", "ST. ANDREW’S CHURCH FOUNDD. 1772". Reverse: View of ruined archway and battlements with legend: "COWGATE PORT * THE LAST REMAINS OF OUR ANCIENT WALLS *", "W WRIGHT JUN DES" with the star over "F". Edge inscription: "PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF ALEXR SWAP & CO * + +". Alexander Swap & Co., were merchants with a business in Overgate, Dundee. Ex-MacMillan Collection. Below is an early Victorian photograph of the same archway. Nice collectable condition with some light spotting and a little uneven at edge where inscription meets rim, see photograph.

D&H Angusshire No: 22a. Diameter 28.6mm. VF+. £50.00

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