Dudhope Castle Dundee Halfpenny 1797


Dundee (Angus) copper halfpenny token dated 1797. Obverse: Dudhope Castle: "DUNDEE HALFPENNY 1797 DUDHOPE CASTLE FOUND’D 1660 CONVERTED INTO BARRACKS", "4" in date at side points to between the windows. Reverse: Man working flax: "* 3,336 TONS FLAX & HEMP IMPORTED HERE IN 1796 VALUE L.160,128- FLAX-HECKLING". Behind him are two bales marked "TR" and "DR", representing the Tay and Dundee Roperies. Plain edge. Dudhope Castle was the home of John Graham of Claverhouse, also known as Viscount or "Bonnie" Dundee, who died leading the highlanders to victory in the battle of Killiecrankie. Below is a print of Dudhope Castle around the time of it's ownership by "Bonnie Dundee". Nice collectable condition, see photograph.

Dudhope Castle

D&H Angusshire No: 20. Diameter 28.6mm. VF+. £35.00

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