Parys Mine Company Promissory Druid Halfpenny 1794


Welsh Parys Mine Company (Anglesey) copper halfpenny token dated 1794. Obverse: Hooded bust of a Druid to the left within a wreath of twenty three acorns. Reverse: Cypher of “PMCo” (Parys Mine Company) in centre with legend: “+PAY THE BEARER ONE HALFPENNY • 1794”. Edge inscription: "[PAY]ABLE IN LANCASTER LONDON OR BRISTOL”. The Parys Mine Company was first to issue tokens, for payment to their workers, and general circulation, ahead of John Wilkinson the Shropshire Ironmaster. This precipitated the development of the whole commercial token series as catalogued by Dalton & Hamer. Good collectable condition with usual weak strike in centres, see photograph.

D&H Anglesey No: 449 Diameter 28.1mm. VF. £25.00

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