Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Lee Hedges & Co. Demattagodde Mills 18½ Cents Token 1876


Lee Hedges & Co's., Colpetty Mills (Konupitiya) Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) brass token dated 1867. Obverse: A tea bush in centre with legend: “LEE, HEDGES & Co. * 1876 *”. Reverse: Foliate star within a wreath of leaves and legend: “DEMATTAGODDE * MILLS *”. This had a value of 18½ cents. The Demattagodde Mills were situated in Dean's Road, Maradana. The Company employed around 400 staff at Demattagodde Mills which produced coffee and was eventually closed in 1880. Good collectable condition with a small obverse dig, see photograph.

Pridmore Ceylon No: 62. Diameter 29mm. (↑↑) VF-. £75.00

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