Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Carey Strachan & Co. Union Mills Colombo 17 Cents

Carey Strachan & Co. Union Mills Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 17 cents token, undated. Obverse: Legend on three lines, the top and bottom curved: “CAREY STRACHAN & Co * UNION MILLS * COLOMBO”. Reverse: “1” in centre. Plain edge. This was manufactured in England about 1873. Carey Strachan & Co. took over the Union Mills from MacLachlan MacKenzie & Co. when they became insolvent in 1869-1870. 17 Cents possibly represented the customary payment at the time of issue for picking half a CWT of clean coffee. Nice collectable condition with some original lustre remaining, see photograph.

Pridmore No: 14. Diameter 32.0mm. (↑↓) EF+. £95.00

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