Peter Kempson & James Kindon's 1808 Leap Year Calendar Medal

Peter Kempson & James Kindon's brass calendar medal for the leap year 1808. Peter Kempson struck single year calendar medals from 1796 to 1826, on his own as P. Kempson (1796-1801), in partnership with James Kindon as Kempson & Kindon (1802-1810), with his son as P. Kempson & Son (1810-1824) and finally as Kempson & Co (1824-1825). Peter Kempson was a Birmingham button-manufacturer who also produced a vast array of tokens for collectors. The British Museum does not have an example for this year, ref: Ackerman, "Calendar Medals in the British Museum", The Medal, Autumn 2004. Good collectable condition with uneven colour, see photograph.

This year not in Ackerman. Diameter 38.9mm. VF-. £85.00

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