James Davies 1797 Calendar Medal

James Davies' brass calendar medal for the year 1797. James Davies struck single year calendar medals in an uninterrupted series from 1782 to 1800. Davies was a button-maker with his business at 10 and 11 Upper Priory (1779-1780), 12 Steelhouse Lane (1784), and 10 Weaman Street (1786-1800) Birmingham, ref: Hawkins, "A Dictionary of Makers of Metallic Tickets, Checks, Medalets, Tallies, and Counters 1788-1910". The British Museum does not have an example for this year, ref: Ackerman, "Calendar Medals in the British Museum", The Medal, Autumn 2004. Nice collectable condition, see photograph.

This year not in Ackerman. Diameter 37.9mm. VF. £110.00

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