Belgian P. D. Blauwe 1779 Calendar Medal

Belgian brass calendar medal for the year 1779 issued by P. D. Blauwe in Ghent. The memorable dates all refer to the Austrian Netherlands marking the birthdays of the following people: Pope Pius VI, born Giannangelo Braschi on 25th December 1717 (mistakenly 25th December on medal) who became Pope on 15th February 1775. Maria Theresa born 13th May 1717 and became Queen of Hungary and Bohemia in 1740 (not 1741 as stated on medal).  Joseph II born 13th March 1741 and made King of the Romans on 27th March 1764 (wrongly stated 1763 on medal) and Holy Roman Emperor in 1765. Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine (born 12th December 1712) made Governor General of the Austrian Netherlands (Pays Bas) in 1744. The British Museum does not have an example of this year, ref: Ackerman, "Calendar Medals in the British Museum", The Medal, Autumn 2004. Lovely collectable condition, see photograph.

This year not in Ackerman. Diameter 37.7mm.VF. £195.00

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