Farquharson's Jewellers Edinburgh Brass Advertising Check


Charles Farquharson's Jewellers Edinburgh (Lothians) brass advertising check, undated. Obverse: Legend on five lines with the central line straight: "C. H. FARQUHARSON 26, LEITH - STREET EDINBURGH -•- WORKING JEWELLER -•- & WATCH MAKER". Reverse: Legend on six lines with the middle three straight: "TRY FARQUHARSON'S SILVER 42/- WATCH 26 LEITH STREET EDINBURGH ESTABLISHED 1858". Plain edge. Charles H. Farquharson was a jeweller and watch maker. He commenced business at 25 Thistle Street in 1836/37, moved to 26 Leith Street in 1838/39 and was in business there until 1882/83. Not clear whet the "Established 1858" refers to. Nice collectable condition, see photograph.

TB2 No: 7115, Seaby ST No: 588. Diameter 24.8mm. VF. £35.00

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