Bovril Farthing-Sized Token - English

Bovril farthing-sized London (Middlesex) bronze token undated. Obverse: Legend on five lines: “BOVRIL 50 TIMES MORE NOURISHING THAN MEAT EXTRACT”. Reverse: Legend across centre and around periphery: “BOVRIL * THE GUARANTEED PRODUCT OF PRIME OX BEEF”. Plain edge. Bovril was originally made from meat extract as a nutritious dietary supplement which could be spread or drunk. Sadly, since the recent BSE crisis it is now a yeast extract suitable for vegetarians. For more information on these please refer to Andrew Andison's excellent paper in The Token Corresponding Society Bulletin, Volume 8, Number 7, June 2006 entitled "Bo_Vril". Good collectable condition, see photograph.

Withers No: 2373, not listed in Bell. Diameter 21.1mm. (↑↑) VF. £8.00

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