Charles Hadduck Chinaman Tea Dealer Birmingham Farthing

Charles Hadduck's Birmingham (Warwickshire) farthing token undated. Obverse: Bust of Chinese native with pigtail and moustache to left with legend: "CHAS HADDUCK ASHTED ROW ". Reverse: Tea canister labelled "FINE TEA" with legend: "DEALER IN TEA COFFEE & PROVISIONS". Plain edge. This alignment (↑↑) not listed in Withers' "The Token Book 2". Charles Hadduck was a grocer and tea provision dealer in Ashstead Row, Birmingham and was in business until 1867 or 1868. Good collectable condition, see photograph.

Withers' Bell No. 480(variety). Diameter 21.4mm. (↑↑) VF. £20.00

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