British West Indies Quarter Anchor Dollar 1822

George IV (1820-1830) silver quarter anchor dollar dated 1822. Obverse: Anchor beneath crown with IV either side of the anchor stock: “COLONIAR: BRITAN: MONET: 1822”. Reverse: The Royal coat of arms in garniture: “GEORGIUS IV D: G: BRITANNIARUM REX F: D:”. Milled edge. This money was struck for use in Mauritius and later shipped to the West Indies. It was designed as divisible parts of the Spanish dollar which was in use there at the time. The coinage was of Spanish dollar fineness (.892 silver). The coins were made in fractional values which refer to equivalent portions of the Spanish dollar, i.e., half Anchor dollar was equivalent to four reales, quarter dollar to two reales, eighth dollar to one real and sixteenth dollar to a half real. Poor collectable condition, see photograph.

K&M British West Indies No: 3. Diameter 25mm. VG. £30.00

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