Edinburgh Dialectic Society Honorary Medal Awarded to William K. Dickson 1887


Edinburgh Dialectic Society Honorary Medal awarded to William K. Dickson in 1887. This William K. Dickson is most likely the son of William Dickson, the subject of the previous award on offer. William Kirk Dickson was admitted to the Society in November 1879 and made an Honorary Member on the 16th November 1882. He was Secretary to the Associated Societies from 1885 to 1887 and made Advocate in 1887 when this medal was awarded. He presented essays on Keats, Thackeray and The Jacobites in Edinburgh. Edge inscription: "GLORIA HOMINIS RATIO ET ORATIO" (REASONING AND DISCOURSE OF THE GLORY OF MAN). It's connection to the previous medallion is undoubted and I would consider a deal to keep them both together.

Diameter 53.8mm. EF-. £125.00

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