Spence's Attack on the Bastille Brighton Halfpenny



Spence’s Brighton (Sussex) copper Conder halfpenny token, undated. Obverse: An officer brandishing a sword. Behind him are lines of tents and three flags with legend above: "BRIGHTON". Reverse: An officer on horseback urging gunners to fire at a fortress, two cannon balls are in the air while others lie on the ground along with some cannon and legend above: "HALFPENNY". Plain edge. Spence described the reverse as an attack on the Bastille, however the troops are British and the fortress is unlike the Bastille. Dalton & Hamer attributed this to Spence but according to Bell, although the dies are Spence's, it is more likely to have been produced by Skidmore after he purchased them. Ex-Gahlin Collection. Detailed token in lovely collectable condition with a hint of original lustre remaining and usual die flaw on obverse, see photograph.

D&H Sussex No: 6. Diameter 29.0mm. EF. £175.00

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