Political French Satirical London Halfpenny 1794

Political and Social Series London (Middlesex) copper Conder halfpenny token dated 1794. Obverse: A map of France with a foot at it’s centre. The legend (and it’s interpretation) as follows: “HONOUR” (trodden underfoot), “THRONE” (turned upside down), “FRA-NCE” (divided), “RE\LI/GI\ON” (cut in pieces), “GLORY” (defaced), “FIRE” (in each corner), daggers (i.e. murder on every side), and bloodshed all over with legend: “A MAP OF FRANCE 1794”. Reverse: Legend over a radiating star within a wreath of oak leaves: “MAY GREAT BRITAIN EVER REMAIN THE REVERSE” (i.e. the opposite of the anarchy in France). Plain edge. This was designed to make a satirical comment against the French whose revolution had just overthrown the monarchy. Nice collectable condition with slightly uneven colour on reverse, see photograph.

D&H Middlesex No: 1016f. Diameter 28.8mm.  VF+. £30.00

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