Unlisted Scetchleys Masonic Arms and Cupid London Halfpenny

Unlisted Scetchley’s Masonic London (Middlesex) copper Conder halfpenny token, dated 1794. Obverse: The coat of arms of the Free Masons with legend: “24 NOV, 1790 PRINCE OF WALES ELECTED G M.” (Grand Master). Reverse: Cupid and Masonic emblems within a triangle, sun’s radiating rays extend below Cupid’s arms with legend: “WISDOM STRENGTH & BEAUTY”, “SIT LUX ET LUX FUIT.”. Edge inscription: “MASONIC TOKEN I. SCETCHLEY FECIT .X.”. Unless I am mistaken, this pair of dies not listed in Dalton & Hamer without date "1794" on the edge. Apparently not listed, in reasonable collectable condition, see photograph.

D&H Middlesex No: 372(bis?). Diameter 28.6mm. F. £25.00

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