London Corresponding Society Halfpenny 1795


London Corresponding Society (Middlesex) copper Conder halfpenny token dated 1795. Obverse: Four robed figures surrounding a bundle of sticks: "LONDON CORRESPONDING SOCIETY", the first letter of the legend touches the old man’s robe. Reverse: A flying dove with an olive branch in its beak: "UNITED FOR A REFORM OF PARLIAMENT * 1795 *". Diagonally milled edge. The London Corresponding Society was founded in 1792 in order to spread revolutionary doctrines, similar to those propagated in France following the Revolution, by pursuing political reform through education. It stressed the necessity of government by the people and highlighted the corrupt method of selection for Parliament, whilst advocating peace with France. It's greatest success was when 150,000 people attended one of their meetings in Copenhagen Fields, London in 1795. Good collectable condition, see photograph.

D&H Middlesex No: 286. Diameter 29.6mm. VF+. £45.00

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