Very Rare Deptford Kent Men & Royal George Halfpenny 1795

Very Rare Deptford (Kent) copper Conder halfpenny token dated 1795. Obverse: Kentish men meeting William the Conqueror: “KENTISH LIBERTY PRESERVED BY VIRTUE & COURAGE” with quatrefoil at the beginning of the legend and “6” in date touching the exergue line. Reverse: A stern view of the man-of-war “Royal George”: “PROSPERITY TO THE WOODEN WALLS OF OLD ENGLAND”, “KENT HALFPENNY 1795 THD” with the base line from extending from “I” to “D”. . Edge: “PAYABLE AT DEPTFORD CHATHAM AND DOVER”. Listed in Dalton & Hamer as: “RR - VERY RARE”. Reasonable collectable condition having been cleaned in the past and now toning out, see photograph.

D&H Kent No: 14. Diameter 29.4mm. F. £60.00

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