Roe's Three Castles Chester Halfpenny


Charles Roe’s Chester (Cheshire) copper Conder halfpenny token undated. Obverse: Cypher: “R & Co”: “CHESTER” (Roe & Company) with owl crest. Reverse: Design of three castles and the points of the compass: “PROMISSORY * HALFPENNY * PAYABLE * AT”. Plain edge. This was issued by Charles Roe who became a partner in several copper mines, and the famous Anglesey Mines in Wales were first worked under his direction. Roe & Co., owned extensive works for smelting and making copper on land to the east of Macclesfield. Nice collectable condition with a tiny edge clip, see photograph.

D&H Cheshire No: 6. Diameter 29.2mm. VF+. £30.00

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